October 18th, 2022

Successful completion of the project “Digital Repository of Psiloritis Geopark: Workshop for collection, encoding and documentation of content”

The content collection, encoding and documentation Workshops organized by MADE Consultants in collaboration with OikoM, in the framework of the project “Design and development of a digital repository for Psiloritis Geopark”, implemented by ΑΚΟΜΜ-Psiloritis Development Agency S.A, were successfully completed.

In each of the workshops that took place from Monday 3/10 to Thursday 06/10 in Anogia, Amari and Gergeri, the participants were trained and familiarized with the use of the platform of the Digital Repository of Psiloritis Geopark. In the discussion that followed, it was evident both their interest and their intention for regular and coordinated cooperation with ΑΚΟΜΜ-Psiloritis in the context of the evaluation of the documents that will be uploaded to the digital repository.

The participants stated that the Psiloritis digital repository is an initiative that comes to fill the gap that exists regarding the collection, codification, preservation and promotion of important aspects of Psiloritis. Representatives of cultural associations, researchers and active citizens expressed their willingness to make their valuable material available, making it accessible to all, ensuring its preservation and promotion.